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How can Z3 help you today?


We are Z3 (pronounced "Zee Kubed" or "ZCubed")


We are an IT consulting company headquartered in San Francisco. We have a long track record of providing hardware/software, design, and integration services to public agencies and small business.


We are a certified SBE, DBE, and LDBE firm for the state of California and multiple municipalities.


We specialize in developing and supporting unconventional, customized, and/or mixed environments – found especially in government projects. We have worked with various government agencies on integration needs and conducting emergency preparedness exercises. ZCubed has consulted on system design, data center build-out and migration, inter-agency collaboration projects, and user training, including video production.


Have you driven on a California freeway? Ever had a glass of San Francisco tap water? Crossed a bridge? We help make it possible -- from behind the scenes. See our sample list of projects:




  • Southern California 511 NextGen 511 IVR (LACMTA)
  • 800MHz Public Safety Radio Replacement (SFDEM)
  • Migration Consulting for Backflow Assembly Applications (SFPUC)
  • 511San Francisco Bay Area (MTC) and San Diego (SanDAG)
  • Regional Transportation Emergency Preparedness Exercises (MTC)
  • Metro Freeway Service Patrol Evaluation (LACMTA)
  • Unidirectional Flushing Program (SFPUC)
  • Hetch Hetchy Regional Water Pipeline Data and Construction Drawing GIS Integration (SFPUC)
  • Metropolitan Area Network – Network Validation (San Jose DOT)
  • Video projects:
    • San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge – East Span Model Video Project (Caltrans, District 4)
    • Corporate customers: DocuSign, Twitch, Leap Frog



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